Boracay Beach Philippines

Boracay Island

In July I went to Manila and Boracay, Philippines spent 2 days in Manila shopping/eating and then Boracay to swim and soak up the sun…

In Manila we stayed at the New world hotel which is across the road from the Greenbelt shopping mall, did some shopping and ate a lot of seafood!

We checked out some of the Bars like Cafe Havana and some other ones close by.

Crab in greenbelt

mmm Crab.. ;)

Crab in Manila


Manila seems very chaotic and unorganized and everyone tries to make money out of you by getting you an expensive taxi. Another strange thing I noticed was that every shopping center and even some small shops have security checks at the entrances.

Also did some shopping at Divisoria 168 shopping place, because the taxi driver said it’s the most famous shopping place in Manila!!! this place is so dirty, crowded with Tuk Tuks and mostly cheap stuff, but I found an awesome green bag that was very useful for the rest of the trip!

Divisoria 168 shopping

Divisoria 168 Shopping Place

We stayed in the Boracay Beach Club Hotel and the Monarco Suites, spent most of our time sun baking and swimming. Also canoeing under the rain! One time we canoed back under the storm, it felt like we were in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean…only more scary since our boat was so tiny and we couldn’t see anything around.

Sunbaking at Boracay

Relaxing in sun :)

Canoeing in Boracay

Canoeing ;)

In Monarco Suites we canoed around the very glassy water, then into a cave, the cave was a peaceful harbor when it is raining heavily outside, the water is so clear, cool and it is the perfect place for us to park our boat, we really enjoyed swimming there.

Vivian in cave near monarco suites

Hiding from the storm

Vivian on boracay beach

Having fun on beach

Other than having fun in the water, walking around the tropical garden, running up and down the hill is also an enjoyable exercise.

Vivian in red dress boracay Beauty at Boracay

Everyone loves breakfast facing the beach in the morning, enjoy lovely french toast and pancakes with breathtaking scenery. We did the same every morning.

 Baking in the sun  Vivian at the pool

We got lucky with the weather for being the wet season, there were a couple of rainy days still. When not sun baking and swimming in the crystal clear water, we enjoyed some activities, sailing, buggy driving around boracay island, helmet diving, and zorb balling down a grass hill…

Vivian on sailing boat boracay

Sailing boat boracay

Beautiful girl jumping in Boracay

Sunset in Boracay

One of the days we went Island hopping, first snorkeling and after to Crystal cove. Crystal Cove is an isolated island about 30minutes boat ride from Boracay shore. It is surrounded by crystal green water, has native huts and island statues, but the main attraction are its two caves. We walked down into the caves and crawled through to have a swim in the hidden water hole.

Vivian at crystal cove island

Vivian at crystal cove cave Crystal Cove Island

All the activities are sold by all the local vendors, when first arriving it is quite annoying, all of them asking us if we want to do this and do that, and with high prices. We eventually just blocked them out and ignored them, these guys were great for taking photos of us though:)

With all the activities we needed energy, so I ate lots of  crepes and drank a lot of shakes.

Crepes at boracay


:)Hmmm getting tired now and need to sleep soon, there are still a lot more memories… already starting to miss it… when will be my next beach vacation?